brand identity







The brief was to create an identity and supporting materials for an eco-centered food, lifestyle, and fashion TV streaming service.

Relish is meant to be aspirational and sophisticated but not out-of-reach. The goal was to create something warm and natural, while also vibrant and clever.


The concept for this identity was to bring a magazine feel to the TV streaming space. It is meant to be both classic and contemporary, upscale and down-to-earth, with a nameplate logo and monogram. The colors are green and earthy to represent the eco-focused brand. 


Because the logo is a nameplate and monogram, a distinctive brand pattern was created. The use of unique shapes across products and platforms helps with brand recognition.

The brand font is a friendly sans-serif to balance out the heavy serif in the logo, and a delicate highlight script.

Merchandise was created to as a way to collaborate with local businesses for special Relish-inspired products.

The Instagram template contains a puzzle design using the brand pattern to give the grid a more art-inspired look.