I have always been fascinated by storytelling and human nature. I started my career as a kid in journalism school, working for local newspapers, radio, and TV stations. It instilled in me a deep curiosity and a better understanding of how people work.

As many journalists do, I moved into corporate communications and then corporate marketing. I oversaw large-scale events, marketing campaigns, and business rebrands as a decision-maker with design teams. 

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I'm Susie! I'm a creative at heart. I worked in marketing & communications for a decade before falling in love with graphic design and moving to specialize in visual communications.

How It all started

why design?

I started making my own designs after finding a disconnect between the designs out there and what I was trying to communicate to audiences. I could "see" what I wanted in my head, so I taught myself the tools to make it happen. 

I went back to school for Graphic Design & Interactive Media for a foundational design knowledge on top of my practical one, and haven't looked back since. 

looking to the future

Identity Design & Branding are what I consider my "Zone of Genius" - that special area of expertise where everything collides perfectly. I bring a wealth of experience to the table while infusing my own unique creative energy.

I love playing with old film cameras! It's a hobby of mine.

My camera

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Thank you, Susie, you made my thoughts on what I wanted for my business come to life!! I feel like I truly got exactly what I was hoping for and more. You captured the vibe and I feel so connected to this logo. I will be recommending you to anyone that I know who is in need of a creative hand! I am thrilled to have a unique logo and templates that are professional for all of the things off the bike. Cannot thank you enough!

client love

Erica Kelly-Daugherty, Ride On MTB