brand identity


Practical Sommelier is a parent brand for Wine Girl Academy, a female-focused wine education company. It was created to appeal to a larger audience with its wine education courses, books, and consulting. The brief was to keep it feminine-leaning but bring in earthy tones and natural textures.


The concept was derived from a word mapping exercise. Instead of pulling from typical wine imagery (wine glass, grapes, corkscrew), a grape vine and leaf are used as the icon. It brings in the earthy element and represents how wine education begins with terroir!


Several variations were created so it could be used across many different types of products and offerings. A script font is used in some instances to represent the human element in Erin's education. A classy serif font keeps a feminine touch and the luxury of the wine world. 

The color palette is soft greens, sand, gold, and a touch of dusty pink. The stamp logo is an upside-down arch to mimic the shape of a wine glass. This same shape is suggested for use as a frame in web, social, and other designs.