brand identity





Nicole Boyd Nutrition offers online nutrition courses and one-on-one coaching for women looking to create more mindful, healthy eating habits that last a lifetime.

The goal was to rebrand the company into something more cohesive and professional. Core values include approachability, expertise, empathy, compassion, trustworthiness, and fun.


The icon is a sunrise coming out of a leaf - like a “new perspective on food.” While a leaf is considered common imagery for a nutrition practice, the business name isn’t a strong reference to the services offered so it is used as a visual aid. 


The icon is slightly dainty to make the logo feel light and feminine. The overall shape is rounded to reference the “well roundedness” of the program but also to reduce any harshness created by sharp geometric shapes.

The nameplate is big and bold to bring attention to the name. Despite being bold, the typeface remains feminine, and is paired with a readable script.

The colors are calming and feminine with pops of bright teal and green. The frames are mostly rounded to mirror the shape of the icon in the logo and reinforce the brand's rounded look.