brand identity



Moto PT is a physical and occupational therapy service for motorcycle, dirt bike, and mountain bike athletes. The company needed eye-catching, graphic branding that would stand out at events and look great on merchandise & banners.


The idea behind the icon is to combine the bones of a spine and the sprocket of a motorcycle. Instead of doing traditional physiotherapy, it was decided to feature the target audience front and center - motocross riders. The nameplate is held in a banner to give it a sports-like look.


The icon is illustrative in order to look good at large scale like a sponsorship banner. Because of that a simplified version is created for small scale projects like embroidery.

The colors are vibrant to stand out and look great against a blue sky and dirt track. Black is a primary color to reflect the color of the tires.

Additional graphics were created for supplemental materials - an isolated spine & sprocket for framing around images, a rider jumping along a spine, and some mountain scenery.