brand identity

motion graphics


The purpose of this project was to create a Broadcast Package for a television station with a wide-reaching audience. This included creation of a logo, animated bug, station identifier, and other screens. The style of "DOCS TV" is meant to be modern and relevant without being too niche.


The logo icon represents a few things: reflections seen on a camera lens, an eye or lens pointing in a direction, and a reel-style camera.

The colors are inspired by RGB that is used on screens. The nameplate is a circular, sans-serif font with sharp corners. It pairs with the icon, which is also rounded, and contains aspects of both the ‘O’ and ‘C’ in the DOCS name.


Because the font is so bold, it takes on its own shape which is used throughout the piece as moving objects.

The logo animation remains forward and direct. Rather than rotate it around or scatter the pieces, the arc of colours points directly and purposely towards one direction, as if focusing its eye on the topic ahead.

The music is upbeat and funky, providing a tempo to match with the changing shapes and scenes. It helps create a mood where documentaries of all shapes and colors are shown, not just the serious ones, while also being generic enough to include all styles.