brand identity



123 EZ Bookkeeping offers remote bookkeeping services to creatives, small businesses, and solopreneurs. They wanted something clean and professional to represent the high quality of services provided, while also being unique enough to stand out from competitors. 


Several concepts were explored through a word-mapping exercise before landing on a number monogram. The logo was meant to create a visual representation of "123 EZ" without being too visually repetitive when paired with the nameplate. 


The icon creates a recognizable shape out of the numbers '123' and is used on a circular background to represent the wholeness and well-roundedness of services provided.

The nameplate uses the same number shapes as in the icon and has a focus on "123 EZ" to commit the business name to memory. The O's in bookkeeping are interlocked to represent a partnership between bookkeeper and client. 

The colors are shades of blue to give the brand a sense of classic professionalism, responsibility, and knowledge.